Latest bugs filed for flashblock

Bug #Description
26410 youtube play black video until flashblock disable
26164 Icon doesn't change when changing state in new window
26161 Centered "Play" button hides flashblock enable button
26146 Firefox mp3 player doesn't work with Flashblock enabled
26143 Whitelist broken in Flashblock 1.5.20
26113 Flashblock 1.5.19 doesn't blocks flash for Firefox ESR 38.4.0
26081 Flashblock v1.5.18.1 prevents video streaming from Amazon even if added to whitelist
26064 Shockwave with Flashblock installed doesn't work
26047 Silverlight does not work since
26010 Videos stopped working after ESPN recently updated their site
25997 Cannot play videos on the YouTube site
25986 WebRTC video elements are blocked
25936 Flash unblocking functionality blocked
25933 Flashblock blocks whitelisted Netflix.
25914 new ff 34, new fb 1.5.18, blank HTML <object>s
25913 Flashblocker blocks a flash from the whitelist.
25910 Flashblock 1.5.18 Blocking Embeded Link
25883 FlashBlock doesn't work on Firefox 34 (and later releases)
25857 flash block not working on torbrowser since 3.6.5
25842 Firefox 34.0a2 (2014-09-05) -> YT problems
25833 flashblock stores its whitelist on close
25828 Flashblock non-functional and video will not play till disabled
25822 html5 youtube not blocking
25723 Not blocking flash consistently on youtube.
25720 Not blocking Flash in Nightly build for Mar 2, 2014
25678 Problem with Adblock Plus
25653 When 'Use Weave/Firefox Sync to synchronize the whitelist if available' is enabled, adding new browser to Sync account lead to completely clearing of the whitelist on all other browsers
25646 Interference ABP
25630 Cannot click on "button" to start HTML 5 video
25565 FlashPlayer process starts with Flashblock enabled
25539 The button in the toolbar are always grayed out
25485 Contribution button leads to frozen page
25484 Flashblock rewrites html incorrect on some pages
25446 Flash plugin process starts even without viewing the video (in FF21)
25435 Embed Videos cannot be activated due to an overlay
25433 Not blocking Flash in Nightly build for May 6, 2013
25410 No onload when iframe content is blocked
25402 Flash fails to start after placeholder clicked but works when flashblock is disabled.
25366 Cannot whitelist a flash object used by other extension
25350 Flashblock on Aurora 21 is broken by mozilla bug 834697 (Enable XBL Scopes).
25347 YouTube HTML5 <video> detection broken by Flashblock
25335 Broken by bug 834697
25264 is not updated with Flashblock 1.5.16
25246 Small blockage window while video is loading
25237 Flash Hang that Makes Firefox Stop Responding
25206 Depricated error msgs in Error Console2
25160 Flashblock breaks Youtube 'Large/Small Player' function
25114 flashblock is preventing mouse left click action

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