READ THIS! You have followed a link to an outdated page! The new installation page is: Please update your bookmarks.

IMPORTANT! Please see the Known Problems page before installing
Firefox 1.0.x, Mozilla Suite 1.x, Netscape 7 and 8: If you are reinstalling or upgrading to a newer version of Flashblock you MUST remove the existing installation of flashblock first.

Deer Park Alphas onwards including Firefox 1.5 Betas; and Flock: You do not need to uninstall a previous version of Flashblock when installing a new version.

Removal The Uninstallation Guide is here:

Installation Click on one of the links below to install Flashblock. Note that you must restart your browser for flashblock to be enabled.

Install Flashblock 1.3.4 for Firefox 1.0 to 1.5, Firefox 1.6a trunk builds, SeaMonkey (all builds), Mozilla Suite 1.7.x, Netscape 7 to 8.0.x, and Flock 0.4+. (includes a toolbar button for all supported browsers).

What's New:
  • [new] Bug 10004: Added "Remove this Flash" option to the context menu.
  • [new] Compatibility with Netscape 8.1.
  • [fixed] Added css detection for malformed classid.
  • [fixed] Bug 12653: Javascript error: Expected color but found undefined (background property).
  • [fixed] Stop "Bad NPobject" error with Flash 8 from allowing Flash to slip through.
  • [fixed] Bug 12808: Load user stylesheet even if Flashblock is disabled on startup.
  • [fixed] checkmark for context menuitem "Allow Flash..." picking up wrong URL.

Camino installation: Please follow instructions located at:
(Thanks to John Reinhold for this link.)

K-Meleon installation: K-Meleon 0.9 comes with Flashblock built-in.
For older versions of K-Meleon, please follow instructions located at:

To test your flashblock installation, visit this page:


Older Versions Older versions of Flashblock can be found at:

For questions or comments about flashblock, please send a message to the flashblock mailing list.
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